Plastic tooling case

● Rotomolding plastic equipment cases are applied to the packaging, storage and transportation, protection of military or industrial equipment or materials.

● Supported by the outstanding technical team with rich experience in the rotational molding process, developed more than 100 kinds of existing products, and served demanding clients all over the world.

● Every rotational molding product must be inspected carefully while molding, installing, and packing.

● We have some featured products, such as military box,dry ice box,tool box and etc.

Product Detail

Packaging case


The military safety protection case is made from imported polymer materials by the most advanced one-step molding process.The case consists of strong impact resistance, cushioning and shock absorption, heat and flame resistance, thermal insulation and cold resistance, waterproof and moisture-proof,floating life-saving, UV protection, non-toxic and tasteless,anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, long-lasting and durable,and rapid retraction and release.
Carrying many advantages such as portability, beautiful appearance and numerous styles,it is widely used in various industries such as industrial production,petrochemical industry, power electronics, nuclear power,communication, aerospace, fire protection, public security,military, instrumentation, scientific research, exploration,medical treatment, photography, rescue and outdoor sports.

Key Feature

1. lightweight, good water tightness, high and low temperature resistance, impact
2. The corner of the product formed by special process is 15%-20% thicker than the flat surface. In essence, different from other normal cases, the anti-crack capability is superior.
3. Good air tightness, high toughness, high resilience of the box, to ensure that there is no permanent deformation of the box, "air bag" provides good protection for items, waterproof, anti-moisture, dust proof, etc.
4. The case color is the color of the material itself, throughout inside from outside, and never fade. Our case can meet the safety criteria of drop requirements.
5. Both box materials and hardware allow the case to be shipped to any place of between temperature -55°C and temperature 70°C in the world.
6. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, good airtight, protect the inner equipment from any chemical corrosion.
7. Environmental protection, recyclable.
8. Simple maintenance, long service life, high cost-effective for comprehensive use.
9. Inside of the box: positioning foam plastic buffer and shock absorption system help to ensure the safety and reliability of the transported equipment and avoid of vibration.


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