Heavy duty slurry pump

Discharge size:

1″ to 18″ (25 mm to 450 mm)
Frame size from B to TU
Head: 70m
Capacity: 5000m3/h
Pump type: Horizontal

Product Detail

The Panlong range of P pumps designed as end-suction, split-casing, centrifugal slurry pumps is at the heart of a mine site for heavy duty abrasive pumping applications such as Gold, Silver, Iron ore, Tin, Steel, Coal, Titanium, Copper, Mineral sands, Lead and Zinc. Various other industries include mineral processing, coal prep, aggregate processing, fine primary mill grinding, chemical slurry service, tailings, industrial processing, cracking operations, ash handling, ball mill discharge and etc.

With large shaft diameters, heavy duty bearing assemblies and robust slurry pumping capacity, Panlong slurry pumps provide a cost-effective and ideal alternative capable of helping eliminate your existing pump vibrating, cavitating or leaking.We deeply know your pumping equipment is crucial to the task.

Panlong industrial pumps range in size from 1.5×1 to 20×18. Each pump is carefully assembled and checked tolerance prior to hydraulic testing, allowing for immediate installation. Pumps can be fit up by customization to meet specific requirements from clients worldwide.

 Product Parameters

P Series




Suction x Discharge

(inches, [mm])

Nominal Impeller*


(inches, [mm])

Solid Particle

Passing, Φ*

(inches, [mm])





1.5/1 B 1.5x1 [40x25] 5.98 [152] 0.55 [14] Chrome lron(s) and Elastomer(s) Available.NOTE: Open face,large particle and specialized impellers available upon request. Chrome lron(s) and Elastomer(s) Available
2/1.5 B 2x1.5 [50x40] 7.24 [184] 0.75 [19]
3/2 C 3x2 [75x50] 8.43 [214] 0.98 [25]
4/3 C,D 4x3 [100x75] 9.65 [245] 1.42 [36)
6/4 D, E 6x4 [150x100] 14.37 [365] 2.01 [51]
8/6 E, F 8x6 [200x150) 20.08 [510] 2.48 [63]
10/8 F,S 10x8 [250x200] 27.01 [686] 2.99 [76]
12/10 S,G 12x10 [300x250] 30.00 [762] 3.39 [86]
14/12 S,G,T 14x12 [350x300] 37.99 [965] 3.54 [90]
16/14 G, T 16x14 [400x350] 42.01 [1067] 5.31 [135]
20/18 T 20x18 [500x450] 53.94 [1370] 5.12 [130] Chrome Iron
*Standard impeller (typically five vane, chrome iron, closed face)

CC,DD,EE,FF frame and bearing assembly are available for your options

Key Feature:

1.Variety of reliable and efficient impeller options (open, closed, non-clogging, with 2, 3, 4 and 5 vanes), fast and easy dismantling-reassembly during shutdown.
2.Standard bearing cartridge (grease lubricated SKF bearings)extending shaft lifecycle and reducing unexpected shutdowns and maintenance costs.
3.Modular design inner liner(wet ends) is ALL metal fit-up / ALL rubber fit-up (Natural Rubber,EPDM,Nitrile,Hypalon,Neoprene and etc.)
4.Multiple options of sealing type adapted to particular liquids and applications (gland packing, mechanical seal, expeller shaft seal)



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