Andritz centrifugal pump application

Application of ANDRITZ centrifugal pumps
ANDRITZ centrifugal pumps, S series, are operating successfully all over the world. They offer robustness and wear resistance and thus fulfil high customer expectations in terms of efficiency, life cycle, maintenance friendliness and economic efficiency.

The pulp and paper pump’s application is more than just literally pumping paper pulp. A superior pulp and paper pump, such as the Andritz process pump can also deliver syrup at sugar mill and sewage in municipal engineering. The transport and pressurization of the syrup are always a big problem because the syrup has some consistency and corrosiveness, as well as viscosity which makes syrup easy to stick to the apparatus. But the Andritz process pump adopts design of using the two-phase flow theory. It helps to reduce the abrasion happened to the internal of pump casing when transporting liquids. It is very practical to transport syrup of less than 4% concentration and paper pulp of less than 6% concentration.

Andritz pulp and paper pump is also applied into the municipal sewage industry. There are always some impurities in sewage easy to cause blockage in the pipeline, so ordinary pulp pump is unable to convey sewage. But the structure of the Andritz process pump is designed to be easily disassembled, so users can disassemble it and clean it up after conveying sewage is finished. Then it does not easily cause any clogging or accumulation of dirt, or damage.

In conclusion, ANDRITZ centrifugal pumps are widely applied into below industries:

Fields of application
Pulp production
Recycled fibre preparation
Chemical industry
Food industry
Energy supply
Water supply
Waste water treatment

Post time: Jan-21-2022